Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (DC: New 52)

Here we go, the first of hopefully many more to come in the reboot. Because who¬†doesn’t don’t love a costume upgrade?

Three years ago, I started a personal project, which you all know as Project Kick Ass Women, but for reasons that are not the same now as they were then. I had a fire, but it was a cold fire. I was young(er), and my ambitions were very different.

Life happened. Work happened. Three years later, I come back to Project Kick Ass Women with a burning flame, a desire to celebrate the great changes that have happened in my absence.

DCnU. Marvel NOW! Reboots are big, and sometimes, essential. In my case, it is. Project Kick Ass Women is no longer dedicated to only women in comics. It is dedicated to women in all media, from novels, to comics, to movies and beyond. We are no longer asking, “Where are we?” Instead, we are now asking, “Where else can we go?” It’s only right to expand to all media that women have become a part of the story and the culture.

To everyone that’s been here since 2011, welcome back. To everyone new here, welcome, properly.

This is Project Kick Ass Women.

"All men must die, but we are not men." - Danaerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

Karen Starr aka Power Girl


bantamn asked:

Ramona Flowers, Knives Chau, or Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim, for sure!
And if Jade counts, would Soli from "The Meek"?


Oh man the Scott Pilgrim ones are great! And I used some google-fu skills I don’t see why not :3

Any preferences guys for the three Scott Pilgrim ones?


contentkiller asked:

What about Sif?


Y’all are seriously on fire. Adding!


justanothercomicgeek asked:

X-23! or Laura Kinney


It’s like I think I put these but I don’t because I had sworn I had X-23 on the list.

Adding thanks!


captainplath-deactivated2012052 asked:

Talia al Ghul, Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley), Shayera Hol, Vixen


how did I not think of Poison Ivy I love her but definitely adding all of these thanks!

Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl

preview for Batgirl y’all


blackhorseandthecherrytree asked:

Suggesting asskickers:

Mystique. Aunt May Parker. Lois Lane. Silk Spectre II. Carrie Kelly.


nice ones. adding!